Connoi® Smart-eBoard-Interactive

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Product : Connoi®

Model : Smart eBoard Interactive

Receiver sensor Effective working area 100 inches(ideally 120 inches)
Technology IR+ultrasound with VPOT patent technology
USB Devices Microsoft standard pen device
Sampling frequency 70khz
No.of receiving sensors 2 units
IR receiving sensors 1 unit
Power USB 5 volt/100 mA
Digital pen Power 3.7V/180mAH
Battery Rechargeable Ri-polymer battery
Recharging terminal Earphone typed rechargeable jack
Button 2 buttons.Left button,eraser button
Battery monitoring 2 step LED indicator
Full recharging time 1 hour
Continuous pen operating time 20 hours
Power saving mode Automatic Power saving mode ,after 30 sec idle time
USB recharging cable USB +Earphonetyped jack(70cm)
Dimension (HeightxDiameter) 130mmx15mm
Interface Computer IBM PC/AT or IBM PC compatible(with CD-ROM drive)
CPU Intel Pentium or above or

Intel CPU compatible TYPE

Interface USB 2.0 full speed or USB 1,1
Operating System Windows XP/VISTA/Windows 7
RAM 512 MB or more
Environment Humidity 0-90RH +35deg C(Non condensing)
Recommended operating temperature 10 deg to +40 deg C
Bundled software PenOn PC Calibration SW
Ink note Window Journal(for Windows XP/VISTA/7 Home basic edition)
ACE board Board software Selection pen type/line/thickness/eraser Drawing/Ruler/Background templates/Snapshot/Print Multi-page/windows navigation
Curtain hiding/Magnify/Recording and many others

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